Movie Review - Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, I no longer wondered why every moment while watching the movie really moved me. Me and my friends watched this film during Independence Day here in the Philippines – which coincides with the theme of the movie about a heroine who fought for true independence in Germany during World War 2.

It’s rare to find movies that really move you and lingers in your mind for a long time. For me, this film is personally life-changing.

The movie seems to be low budget, but the delivery is pure awesome. My favorite part of the movie was when Sophie Scholl was undergoing a series of interrogations by Gestapo investigator Robert Mohr. The script was truly phenomenal – as it really piques your mind on central concepts about freedom, God, society, integrity and selflessness.

Sophie Scholl is now among my list of female figures that I look up to. Imagine at the age of 21 she was brave enough to die to fight for what is right under an oppressive regime. She could have chosen the easier way – which is to be apolitical and apathetic of the things that are happening around her. Now she is celebrated as one of the heroes that made a great difference in German history. Check out the wiki about her here. 

I wish to have a persona like her – wherein she stands strong to her convictions whatever happens. Wherein she fights for what she believes in until the very end. As I quote from the Sophie Scholl wiki:

Playwright Lillian Garrett-Groag stated in Newsday on 22 February 1993, that "It is possibly the most spectacular moment of resistance that I can think of in the 20th century... The fact that five little kids, in the mouth of the wolf, where it really counted, had the tremendous courage to do what they did, is spectacular to me. I know that the world is better for them having been there, but I do not know why."

The world is better for them having been there. I wish the world will also be better place with me being here. Will the world become a better place because of you?
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