Punk Rock Slamming in Durian Bar

I really did not go out that much when I was in highschool and college. If I did go out, it was either to eat out or to indulge myself in a coffee shop. Things have changed now – my officemates are introducing me to night life options around town. After a night of drinking, listening to music, and bonding with some co-workers at Matina Town Square last Friday, it was followed by a punk rock slammin’ night at Durian Bar (D Bar) the next night.

I came to support my officemates who are playing for the first time at D Bar. The place is very small and simple, but the music is loud and hard core. We waited for some time before my dear friends were called in to play. So after three buckets of beer, loads of chatting to pass the time, and smoking cigarettes, the Oh Look Maling O! finally got their chance to pump up the stage.

This was my first time to witness a punk rock slam. My officemates are actually good, really good. In my opinion, they even sound better than the previous bands that played. Their magnetism also showed through the crowd’s excitement. There were many guys who just went plain crazy on the floor - jumping up and down, grabbing the microphone, dancing around and whatnot. Someone even jumped from the window to the crowd. It was pure sausage party. Even I found it hard to focus on taking a good footage of the event because of the craziness.

It was loads of fun. It also made me realize how much I love the company of my friends. This is to more night outs to come and discovering more crazy possibilities!
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