Creating a Blog For the Umpteenth Time

I’ve created blogs before – thinking that I could maintain them until forevermore. But eventually, I lose interest on the subjects that my blogs revolve on. Then I no longer update them to the point of deleting them. (It’s a sickness of mine – I am so not consistent!)

I regret deleting those blogs – because I know I can still use them in the future. But anyway, I’m starting anew and I’m going to start with this blog.

One of the things that motivated me to blog again came from the readings of my multimedia studies course. Blogging is a way for people to keep track of their thoughts. It is also a way for someone to become accountable to one’s words by publishing it where it could be read by anyone. Blogging is also an outlet – it can be used as some sort of therapy as one can use it to express all of the concerns that bother the soul.

So this is me and my blog. I welcome you to my world where I post my thoughts and adventures as I celebrate this gift called LIFE…
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