I love the feeling of intoxication. I don’t know how many bottles of beer I already had. All I know is that it feels good to my mind and to the veins of my body. Am I making any sense? Read on because I’m not editing anything.

A friend invited me to a prayer meeting earlier this evening. After that I went to Matina Town Square because another friend invited me for some drinks together with my co-workers. So yes, I am very ambivalent to what my convictions are – follow the straight and narrow path or let go and embrace worldly pleasures. I don’t know which side I’m on and I have nothing against each side. All I know is that I want to experience the best of both worlds and I hope I could prove against all odds that you can be yourself without losing respect for contradicting sides.

Am I making any sense?

I heard somewhere that Edgar Allan Poe could not write his great masterpieces without being intoxicated. Oh good for that legendary writer who has made an impact in the history of literature! I wish I could be like him because I will definitely invest on alcohol everyday to become productive.

Every time I get to drink and that the alcohol accumulates in my system to the point of intoxication, I feel a sense of high that I wish I always have in my life. I get to talk with ease with other people. I get that feeling that I don’t normally have – which is happiness. A friend of mine once said in her Skype status that the blood type of a pessimist is always B-negative. Lo and behold, I am a B-negative.

My bestfriend once told me that I am an artist. And artists have their own way of living that is not according to the status quo. I believe that I have not released that full artistic potential in me yet because I still put myself in a cage. That’s why when intoxication fills me, I make the most out of the moment because all inhibitions in me are released.

So I am writing this blog to check later how I actually write when I am drunk. But the normal me will of course not allow myself to get drunk all the time. Heck it’s expensive and I’ve got to save up money for more important things.

All I know is that beer is a gift. When I am intoxicated, I get that high feeling to celebrate life to the fullest. It allows you to come up with something that you don’t normally come up with because you become a different you. Perhaps an extremely happy you. Perhaps that kind of you that you would like to bring out to the fullest.

Am I making any sense? 
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