For the Love of Coffee Art

I first learned how to do coffee painting during a Humanities 101 class in college. After that, I was hooked to the idea of creating art out of this black gold. The aroma of coffee in every brush stroke simply invigorates my senses. The monochromatic quality of every output I make feels like something new – something that does not usually follow mainstream art.

When I posted some of my paintings in Facebook, my highschool teacher contacted me and asked if I could do a workshop in my alma mater. At first, I was so anxious because I’m not a professional painter and I still believe that my paintings haven’t come to that level of being noteworthy. I couldn’t say no and just gave it my best shot. So last July 15, 2011, I conducted my first coffee painting workshop at the Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus. I taught 90 first year high school students plus some teachers on the basics of coffee painting.

Man that was something. I jumped from one group of students to another giving them tips on how to enhance their paintings. Then, we had a mini exhibit of their works outside of their classrooms.

You can find the presentation I made for the workshop here. And some of my coffee paintings here.

So I will continue my love affair for coffee painting. Exploring all the possibilities I could do with it. Expressing all those indescribable ideas in my mind and unspeakable emotions in my heart with every brush stroke. 

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