Think Before You Click

Social Media envelopes our modern-day lives right now. To adapt to this ever evolving platform, we must embrace a digital mindset. It is also very important that we become responsible netizens online. Whatever we read, publish and share on the web, it has direct and indirect consequences on our lives.

So in this (ambush) video shoot made by our team at the Blog Weekend Bootcamp, we expressed what comes to mind when confronted with the statement “Think Before You Click”. There are so many varied answers that you can get from this bunch of bloggers and digital influencers. But one thing is certain – whenever you are online, always remember to THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK.

Just four words but it has an impact every time you say it. Four words that will make or break your online presence or reputation. There are so many things to consider if you should click this thing or not, but it usually falls on impulse.

Like it or not, the Internet will become more and more embedded on our lives in the years to come. Technological devices will become fully an extension of our every act and movement. Clicking away will be just like mere breathing.

Right now, it’s just important to cultivate the habit of creating well-thought decisions when reading, publishing, interacting and what-have-you online. It’s really about thinking well before you click on anything.

Ciao to all the earthlings tapping away on their keyboards right now!
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